E. Séguin and sons, Mechanical Contractor

Our specialties

Our company carries out contracts for mechanical systems in new building construction and renovations.

Our work is mainly in commercial and institutional buildings.We also execute contracts as general contractor if the nature of work is primarily mechanical.

Here is a partial list of specialties and types of mechanical work we perform.

  • Sanitary and storm drainage networks;
  • Cold water networks and domestic hot water;
  • Laboratory acids drainage networks;
  • Compressed air networks including air compressors;
  • Pure water lines;
  • Installation of any kind of plumbing fixtures with manual or electronic faucets;
  • Installation backflow devices and certification;
  • Installation of sanitary and storm pumping systems;
  • Installation storm water recovery system and treatment of gray water;
  • Hot water heating networks and glycol;
  • Steam Networks for any use;
  • Thermal power plants including boilers, pumps, heat exchangers, chemical treatment systems;
  • Water cooling networks, glycol or refrigerant;
  • Tempered and geothermal water systems installation;
  • Air, water or refrigerant cooled chiller installation for thermal power plants;
  • Installing cooling towers and chemical treatment systems;
  • Installation of dehumidification systems for indoor pools, arenas, vaults, fire hose drying towers and many other applications;
  • Installation of pumping systems for cooling;
  • Manufacture and installation of ventilation ducts;
  • Installation of indoor or outdoor ventilation units, standard or custom, with or without energy recovery;
  • Manufacture and installation of specialized ventilation systems in galvanized steel, black steel, stainless steel, PVC or aluminum;
  • Installation and design of seismic components for all mechanical equipment and networks;
  • Installation of closed circuit heat pumps on a tempered or geothermal water system;
  • Ventilation and air conditioning installation in computer rooms;
  • Installation of exhaust systems, dust collectors and point-of-use exhaust for machine shops and machining;
  • Installation of sanitary and general evacuation systems for any type of application;
  • Installation of radiant heating systems in concrete slabs of all kinds;
  • Installation of hot water radiant panels in suspended ceilings;
  • Installation of hot water radiators and wall convectors;
  • Installation of electric, gas and steam humidification systems;
  • Installation of laboratory and kitchen hoods;
  • Installation of piping networks for oxygen, acetylene, suction and CO2.