Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation


We offer you our expertise and experience in order to start your project with a well thought out and reasonable budget according to your requirements while respecting mechanical concepts and performances along with environmental standards. The work must also be planned according to all applicable building codes. Our team will put you at ease by providing realistic budgets and turnaround times. We ensure that the foundations of the design are well established at the pre-construction stage and that the project starts with all the parties satisfied. A well-planned project will cost less and take less time to complete.

We can offer you the following list of services in the planning of your commercial or institutional project:

  • Budgets and work assessments;
  • Inspections;
  • Engineering Evaluation;
  • Energy Assessment;
  • Participation in the design;
  • Development of the design;
  • Selection of consultants and professional services;
  • Review of drawings and specifications;
  • Selection of equipment;
  • Preparation of equipment shop drawings;
  • Review and purchase of equipment;
  • Evaluation of seismic restraints;
  • Design of fabrication and installation drawings;
  • Coordination of mechanical components structural building components;
  • Assess project specific health and safety requirements;
  • Declare installations with the RBQ (plumbing, gas, pressure vessels).