Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation

During construction

As with the pre-construction stage, job site implementation requires organizational skills and experience. Properly planning skilled labor and materials or equipment deliveries are important issues that directly affect a project’s profitability. The proper planning will also avoid construction delays that also translate to profit loss.

Close collaboration between the different trades facilitates execution of the project, encourages mutual respect between trades and can even contribute to improve the overall project schedule, thereby avoiding wasted time and money for all stakeholders. We apply these principles to all of our projects whether in new construction or renovations.

The following list summarizes some of the services we provide in the the construction stage:

  • Jobsite mobilization;
  • Skilled plumbers and sheet metal workers;
  • Works supervision;
  • Coordination with the various trades;
  • Evaluation of site conditions;
  • Development of corrective measures;
  • Evaluation of change orders;
  • Sheet metal ductwork fabrication;
  • Custom metal fabrication;
  • Implementation of seismic restraints;
  • Pipe prefabrication;
  • Coordination for lifting and moving large and heavy equipment;
  • Health and safety inspections.