• Laboratoire de sécurité automobile
  • Laboratoire de sécurité automobile
  • Laboratoire de sécurité automobile

New building with an administrative area and a large workshop and testing laboratory similar to an automotive service shop.


The main components of the project’s mechanical systems are :

  • A complete plumbing system for the workshop and offices;
  • A natural gas network and heaters for the workshop;
  • An indirect gas fired ventilation system from Bousquet technoliogies for the workshop with air distribution ductwork;
  • Packaged rooftop air conditioning and heating systems from York for the administration section as well as the air distribution ductwork;
  • Electric Humidifiers from Neptronic;
  • Compressed air aluminum tubing network using Transair.

We provided the following services :

  • Plumbing;
  • Ventilation works;
  • Heating and cooling;
  • Building controls (subcontracted);
  • Thermal insulation (subcontracted).