• Louis St-Laurent Building
  • Louis St-Laurent Building

Replacement of an existing cooling tower with new one as well as the addition of a cooling tower connected to two new chillers. The work was carried out while the building was fully occupied and operational. This Included structural work and roofing under our supervision as general contractors.


The main components of the project’s mechanical systems are :

  • Installation and commissioning of two cooling towers from Baltimore Aircoil (BAC);
  • Installation and commissioning of two 130 tons scroll chillers from York (Johnson Controls);
  • Connections to the existing chilled water piping system;
  • Connections to the piping of the existing cooling towers;
  • Addition of a steel structure to accommodate the new cooling tower;
  • Replacement of an existing cooling tower and fit the new tower to the existing structure;
  • Installation of new Armstrong pumps for the chillers as well as the cooling tower;
  • Perform electrical installations for all new equipment;
  • Connection to the existing Siemens building controls network.

We provided the following services :

  • Plumbing;
  • Ventilation;
  • Cooling piping;
  • Controls (subcontracted);
  • Thermal insulation (subcontracted);
  • Structural work (subcontracted);
  • Electrical work (subcontracted).